Just A Thought!


We pledge that all lives matter! We want equal rights for all people. We pledge to empower all races, religious beliefs, gender and orientation. When we respect ourselves we will respect others.


Just A Thought!

Just A Thought found it's roots in the community, we have found that supporting small grassroots organizations is another way to empower community stakeholders. We serve nonprofit organizations by supporting and helping their vison .

The Lives We Impact

Just A Thought, is a non-profit organization that helps  and supports people, communities along with organizations. .We will be posting events for volunteers to get involved.

Our Misson

  • Future events
  • We are working to collect non-perishable donations to feed the homeless.
  • we will have pictures with Santa Claus
  • We are continuing the fight with the City of Flint and we are seeking donations. 


Our Mission: The mission at Just A Thought is to Support and Help people community and organizations. .

Our Motto: Who helps the helper? WE DO!

Our Goal: To take time to think about others.

Flint water issues continues. HELP FLINT!



Support your community!